We Kindly advise you that our OFFICES always remain CLOSED through the SUMMER Season (April through November).
All our courses will resume in JANUARY 2018.


Yacht Academy organises PROFESSIONAL TRAINING COURSES, in Italian and English, for STEWARDS, STEWARDESSES and CHEFS with stages directly onboard luxury yachts.

Four and an half-day FULL IMMERSION TRAININGS will take place at our premises and will include stages onboard luxury motor and sailing yachts. These courses are addressed to those who are new to the yachting industry and wish to approach onboard life for the first time.
Three-day ADVANCED TRAININGS will take place at our premises and will include stages onboard luxury motor yachts. These courses are designed for those professionals who have worked or are working aboard a luxury yacht and wish to fine tune their skills to achieve a higher standard of competence and specialisation.
CUSTOMISED TRAININGS are structured according to the Client’s varying demands and requirements and will be held at our premises or onboard the Client’s yacht, wherever located.

Yacht Academy deems absolutely necessary to train participants through stages onboard sailing and motor yachts, because of their particular structure and unusual working and living areas.
The candidates will thrive in a real working experience, absolutely pertinent with the completion and the reality of their present or future employ, through constant practice of duties, roles, responsibilities and day-to-day life’s aspects usually faced by stewardesses, stewards and chefs.

Yacht Academy intensive and highly specialised courses will be held by a number of experienced professionals and will cover a wide variety of subjects focusing also on topics such Silver Service, wine storage and service, flower arranging and care of plants.

Yacht Academy will provide suitable solutions to the continuous and various demands of the pleasure yachting industry, addressed to fully trained and specialised staff.
Course participants will have the opportunity of having their data entered into our database, to the extent of researching and offering positions onboard luxury sailing or motor yachts.

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